Welcome to Celeritas Motorsports!

Welcome to Celeritas Motorsports, where our passion for automotive performance meets engineering excellence. With over two decades of experience in tuning, motorsports, and race car preparation, we specialize in crafting world-class solutions for efficient drivetrain systems, thermal management, and control. Our mission is to deliver seamless, bolt-on solutions that elevate vehicle performance without requiring extensive modifications. From high-quality transmission adapter kits to state-of-the-art thermal management systems, our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

At Celeritas Motorsports, we pride ourselves on our rigorous R&D process and our ability to develop innovative automotive solutions. Our team of seasoned engineers leverages advanced technical knowledge to push the boundaries of automotive performance. We are excited to introduce several upcoming product segments, each designed with our commitment to excellence and performance.

Celeritas Motorsports BoostChiller:

Our Air Conditioning-based super cooling system, the BoostChiller, is engineered for forced induction vehicles using air-to-water intercoolers. This advanced heat exchanger system maximizes cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal performance even under extreme conditions. The BoostChiller represents the pinnacle of our thermal management solutions, providing superior cooling to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Expanded AWD Adapter Systems:

We are expanding our range of drivetrain swap components with new AWD adapter systems. These systems are specifically designed for high-horsepower applications in 4WD and AWD vehicles, offering robust solutions for performance enthusiasts looking to upgrade their drivetrains. Our AWD adapters ensure seamless integration and superior performance, maintaining the reliability and durability that Celeritas Motorsports is known for.

Engine to Transmission Adapter Kits:


Building on our engineering expertise, we are expanding our lineup of engine-to-transmission adapter kits. These kits will cover more engine, transmission, and vehicle options, providing versatile solutions for a wide range of performance applications. Each adapter kit is designed for a perfect fit and easy installation, enabling you to achieve optimal drivetrain performance without the need for extensive modifications.


Bolt-On Big Brake Kits:

Introducing our new, complete bolt-on Big Brake kits. These kits include everything needed to upgrade the front and rear axles’ brake systems, targeting underserved vehicles with world-class brake upgrades. Our brake kits are designed with the Celeritas Motorsports philosophy: simple to install, durable in use, and delivering unmatched performance. Enhance your vehicle’s braking power with our expertly engineered solutions.


Our Engineering Journey:

At Celeritas Motorsports, we recognized the potential of the 8HP transmission and embarked on an intensive engineering and R&D journey to make it compatible with various engines. Our goal was to provide customers with seamless, bolt-on solutions that enhance performance without the need for extensive modifications. Through rigorous testing and development, we crafted kits that uphold our standards of quality and engineering excellence, ensuring perfect fit and easy installation.

Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of automotive performance. At Celeritas Motorsports, we are dedicated to providing professional builders and performance shops with the specialized knowledge and products needed to deliver the best to their customers. Whether you’re upgrading your drivetrain, improving your vehicle’s thermal efficiency, or seeking better control over your performance systems, Celeritas Motorsports offers the expertise and engineering prowess to make it happen. Explore our offerings and experience the future of automotive performance with us.

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